• Q: Who can get involved?
    Any Australian workplace – big or small – can take part in Work Inspiration. All you need is the energy and enthusiasm to inspire young people! Visit our dedicated small, medium or large workplace pages.
  • Q: What does Work Inspiration look like?
    Work Inspiration is a flexible program framework of career development, work based learning and employability skills development for young people. The program focuses on engaging young people in more meaningful ways through the following activities:

    1. Insight Activity 1: All About Me - discover the talents, passions and interests of your new recruits through a ‘personality quiz’ style conversation that will build rapport and trust with your employees.
    2. Insight Activity 2: Behind the Scenes - present an interactive outline of what the organisation does and why to give your new recruits a better understanding of where they are.
    3. Insight Activity 3: Careers Happen - hold an interactive session where young people interview staff members about their career journey, from their early teenage years up until now.
  • Q: How much does it cost to be involved in Work Inspiration?
    Work Inspiration is absolutely free! However, by making a pledge you are committing time, energy, space and catering for young people in your workplace. In return, you will receive support from the Work Inspiration team as well as professional resources which can be tailored for your organisation.
  • Q: I don’t have a whole day, could I run Work Inspiration in a few hours?
    Work Inspiration works best over three to five days, but can be truncated to one day. If you only have a few hours, but are still keen, why not consider teaming up with other similar businesses or industry partners, or your supply chain? You could even partner with businesses nearby to make a longer program that might give better insight into your industry, or how you work.
  • Q: Who will help me?
    A Work Inspiration team member will be in contact with workplaces who join the Work Inspiration community to explain the program and to provide support in running a successful Work Inspiration program. You can always get in touch with the Work Inspiration team by visiting the contact us page.