What’s Involved

So, you’re keen to make work experience truly inspiring? Fantastic! You’re in the right place.

The Work Inspiration model is flexible and ready to make your own. The program is built around three mandatory components – Insight Activities designed to build trust and rapport with participating young people, share what your organisation does, and explore the different career paths of your employees:

  • Insight Activity 1: All About Me - discover the talents, passions and interests of your new recruits through a ‘personality quiz’ style conversation that will build rapport and trust with your employees.
  • Insight Activity 2: Behind the Scenes - present an interactive outline of what the organisation does and how to give your new recruits a better understanding of where they are.
  • Insight Activity 3: Careers Happen - hold an interactive session where young people interview staff members about their career journey, from their early teenage years up until now.

Great. What does it take to run Work Inspiration?

The beauty of Work Inspiration is that it is highly adaptable.

You can deliver Work Inspiration with as many or as few employees as you’d like. You can inspire as little as three students or as many as your workplace can accommodate! We recommend running the program over three days, but if you’re a small workplace two days is perfect. If your team is larger, why not dream big and run a five day program?

The Work Inspiration Employer Toolkit includes everything you need to design, deliver and evaluate your Work Inspiration program, along with Insight Activities to get you started. The Toolkit is absolutely free to download and participation in Work Inspiration is free!

To download the Employer Toolkit and learn more about what Work Inspiration could look like in your workplace, visit our dedicated small, medium or large workplace pages.